Our Company is planning and building complete riding facilities and studs in Germany and additionally, in other European countries including Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Luxemburg and further afield in Dubai, Cairo, New York and Moscow.

We are also able to deliver all the equipment you may need for running a stud or a riding facility.

Our co-workers are all involved with horses, both riding and breeding, which is really helpful in developing complete, high-standard riding facilities and stables for keeping horses as well as in creating a pleasant atmosphere for clients, visitors and staff.

For more information please browse our website. We always use three-dimensional presentations for our designs which present our clients with a professional overview on their planned projects.

If you require more sections of our website translated into english please let us know.

For further Information please feel free to contact our architect Mr. Langfeld, who is also a very successful rider at show jumping competitions. He has won over 200 M and S show jumping competitions and was honoured by the German national federation with the gold medal.

You can contact us at 0049 – 5768 – 1403 at any time or send us an Email at info@multi-projekt.de.

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